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Thank you for considering/becoming a contributor to the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Lectionary Page for pastors and teachers. Your contributions are important to many who will see them across the U. S. A and in several foreign countries! Below you will find useful information to assist you in preparing and forwarding your material to Austin Seminary.

Please Note: If you came here from the current quarter "Gospel Page" or "Epistle Page" you have only seen the dates open for the current quarter. Listed below are the remaining dates for the liturgical year. You may volunteer for any open date by notifying us of your choice(s) via the Response Page.

For all contributions, the following information may be helpful:

Due Dates:

All contributions are due (via email, fax or regular mail) at Austin Seminary NO LATER THAN TWO (2) WEEKS PRIOR TO THE APPLICABLE LECTIONARY SUNDAY. Material received late may not be posted until the next lectionary cycle - three years from now!

How much or how little should I contribute?

You may contribute as many steps as you feel comfortable in contributing (see the summary of the methodology). Please note, however, that the more complete your contribution for any given lectionary date, the more likely it is that your material will be posted.

Is my material guaranteed to be posted to the web?

Our aim is to post all material that contributors submit. We reserve the right to make minor editorial changes, however, and all decisions regarding posting of submitted material remain with Austin Seminary. The best assurance that material will be posted is to submit carefully thought out work that conforms with the methodology and the Guidelines for Contributions.

Can I choose only one text?

Your schedule will be the strongest determining factor here, but you are welcome to choose more than one text. We suggest that you not select several consecutive texts, however, in order to allow for unforeseen circumstances. Please do not select more than four (4) texts in any given quarter.

How long should each step be?

About 1 to 3 paragraphs, or the equivalent, is ideal, but your exegesis is the determining factor. Please bear in mind, however, that the aim is readability and relevance more than absolute completeness. You may want to refer to the Guidelines for Contribution for more information.

What happens if I don't get all the steps done in time?

Please send whatever material you have completed. It is better to have something to work with than to be left with nothing at the deadline. We understand that busy schedules can create interference, but if you see that you will not be able to complete the material you have chosen, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may arrange for an alternative contribution.

Should I wait to send all my material at one time?

In most cases, the best practice is to send all of your material at one time. In some cases, material received early will be posted as it arrives, but as due dates grow close, partial contributions may not be posted in lieu of more complete alternative material.

Everything was already taken on the page I looked at; how do I select a date/text for my contribution?

Look for a date that will fit your schedule and your preferences. Then notify us of your selection(s) through our Response Page. We will want to know what date(s) and text(s) you have chosen, plus your email address and/or other ways to contact you. Please remember: DUE DATES FOR ALL MATERIAL ARE TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE LECTIONARY SUNDAY YOU HAVE CHOSEN.

Please report your selection(s) through the Response Page. All notices will be acknowledged by email, so be sure to include your email address (or alternative contact information).
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