Lectionary Year A
April 18, 1999
1 Peter 1:17-23

Step II: Disposition


This text negates many misunderstandings or presumptions on the parts of popular beliefs, heresies or erroneous misconceptions relative to the nature and/or source of salvation. It contrasts the effectiveness of perishable things, like silver and gold, with that of Christ's blood to ransom sinners/children of God. It further declares that the living and enduring Word of God brings new life, through, as it were, new birth rather than via mortal parentage. It might be differentiating time and eternity, God and human agents, here and now as opposed to there and then = heaven?


Is this "the time of exile" for the readers of this epistle and/or ours?

Does "genuine mutual love" actually and undeniably emerge from obeying the truth, which, in turn, emerges from purifying ones soul?


"The time of exile" ends verse 1. It refers to a season of living without proper reverence for God and without proper realization of Christ's redeeming sinners more effectively than any previously supposed traditions or customs or people might suppose. Christ, the blemish free lamb without defect, paid the price for that ransom. His mission is further described as is His glory given by obedient servants with faith and hope. Are they those whose souls are purified to obey the truth to show "genuine brotherly love"?

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