Lectionary Year A
April 11, 1999
John 20:19-31

Step II: Disposition


1. What does it mean to be "sent"?
2. How did Jesus get in? i.e., if it was a bodily resurrection how did he pass through the locked doors?
3 What is history of phrase "Peace be with you"?
4. He breathed on them. What power was transmuted to the disciples?
5. Is sending about forgiving sins?
6. The marks of the nails and spear were proof positive for Thomas. What about today? What convinces us?
7. The signs recorded by the author were thought to be sufficient to induce faith. Are they? Why not for so many?
8. To have life...what does that mean?
9. Why is it important that we believe in the resurrection, that we believe Jesus was the Son of God?

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