Communication for 3/22/02 (posted 3/22/02...should have received by email on 3/21/02)

"please review the rough translation of ch. 5 and after comparing it with your own translation of this chapter weigh the consequences of the view that says Paul began in his reflections on how to address the bigger question (= "holos" in v. 1) here in conversation with the Deuteronomy text quoted at the end, i.e. the chapter being therefore a midrash on the scripture quotation and its context within the context of the Corinthian oikos. Also, weigh please the carefully selected qualifications for the understanding of "porneia" in vv. 9ff. And finally, what are the broader implications for Christian "synoikountes" as framed by the questions raised on monday in response to Clint (house and body) and Blair (the "home-ec" angle of vision here). Where else, for example, would you go in Paul [and elsewhere in NT?] to find a similar problematic? Thanks. See you friday. JEA"