Lectionary Year A
March 21, 1999
John 11:1-45

Step II: Disposition


1. What sort of tomb was it? Underground or in a cave?
2. What was standard procedure for burial in the ancient middle east?
3. What does it mean to believe and see the glory of God (vs 40)?
4. Regarding Jesus' prayer in vv. 41-42, was his prayer spoken so that everyone could hear, or was it spoken silently?
5. What about other resurrection stories in the NT, OT, and extra biblical literature? How does this one compare?
6. Why did Jesus raise Lazarus when so many others died, both then and today?
7. Was Lazarus to live eternally or did he die a second earthly death?
8. Vs 38 seems to suggest that Jesus had strong feelings for Lazarus and his sisters. What does this say about the nature of our relationship with God? With others?

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