Lectionary Year B
March 19, 2000
Romans 4:13-25

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation

(v. 13) For not through law [is] the promise to Abraham or to his seed (singular), with respect to which [seed] he [Abraham] is the inheritor of the cosmos, but through the righteousness of faith. (v. (v. 14) For if the inheritors [are] out of law faith has become void and the promise has become empty; (v. 15) for the law accomplishes wrath; and where there is no law neither [is there] a stepping over. (v. 16) On account of this thing [it is] out of faith in order that [it may be] according to grace toward the end that the promise may be steadfast for every seed not only to the one out of the law, but also to the one out of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all, (v. 17) just as it is written "I have established you the father of many nations" vis-a-vis which (whom="I"??) he believed God [to be] the One who makes alive the deceased ones and who calls the things not being as (though?) being. (v. 18) Who from hope upon hope trusted/believed in his becoming the father of many nations according to the thing which was spoken: "thus will be your seed (singular)." (v. 19) and not having become weak with respect to faith he understood concerning his own body which already had died [-as it were-], being somewhere about one hundred years of age, and concerning the death (Gr. "necrosis") of the womb of Sarah;" and into the promise of God he did not hesitate with unbelief but he acquired strength by means of faith having given glory to God (v. 21) and having been fully assured that what thing was promised is possible also to be done. (v. 22) on account of which thing also it was reckoned to him into righteousness. (v. 23) And it was not written on his account only that "it was reckoned to him," (v. 24) but also on our account to whom (plu ral) it is about to be reckoned, to the ones who believe upon (the word of?) the One who raised Jesus our Lord from among dead ones, (v. 25) who was handed over on account of our downfalls and was raised on account of our getting set right.

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