Lectionary Year A
February 21, 1999
Romans 5:12-19

Initial Acquaintance/Rough Translation


12 On account of this thing just as through one mortal sin (= missing of the mark?) came into into the cosmos and death (came into) through sin, thus also death came on through into all mortals, upon which thing (idiom? Cf. BAG, p.287 = epi touto hoti > for this reason that, because) all (mortals) sinned (missed the mark). 13 For until the law sin was in the cosmos, and sin is not being laid to an account while the law is not existing (gen. abs.), 14 but death ruled from Adam until Moses and upon the ones not sinning (missing the mark) upon the likeness of Adam's going-too-far [Gr. "parabasis"], who is a "type" of the one to come. 15 But not as [with respect to] the false step [Gr. "paraptoma"] is thus also the gift [Gr. "charisma"], for if with respect to the false step of the one the many died, how much the more exceeded the grace of God and the gift [Gr. "dorea"] in grace, which is of the one mortal Jesus Christ into the many! 16 And not as through the one having sinned [is] the gift [Gr. "dorema"]; for on the one hand, the judgment [is] out of the one into condemnation, on the other hand [is] the gift [Gr. "charisma"] out of many false steps [Gr. "paraptomata"] into God's pronouncement of restoration. 17 For if with respect to the false step of the one death ruled through the one, how much the more will rule in life the ones receiving the superabundance of grace and of the gift [Gr. "dorea"] of righteousness [Gr. "dikaiosune"] through the one Jesus Christ. 18 Therefore then as through the one false step [it is] into all mortals into condemnation, thus also through the one God's pronouncement of restoration into all mortals into the restoration of life. 19 For just as through the disobedience [Gr. "parakoe"] of the one man the many were established [as] sinners, thus also through the obedience [Gr. "hypakoe"] of the one the many shall be established [as] just ones.

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