Lectionary Year B
March 2, 2003
2 Corinthians 4:3-6

Step IV: Cross-Section

A. Primitive Christianity

B. Old Testament and Judaism

C. Hellenistic World

(ME) The use of the word eon v.4 could be connected to the Hellenistic world. For the Jews aeon was to expect a better world than their own. -The light and darkness issue. -11:14 the power of darkness is transformed in to light. -There is an apocalyptic flavor.

(ME) this txt. is related to Baptism.

(JA) There is a variety of lights in the text.

(C) Jn 3:16-21. - When Paul talks about light & darkness, who does he quote. -Relationship Gospel / Epistles.

(FS) The image of God. - ‘Eikon' - lightnenss; v. 4 the unbelievers ‘apistos', appears 16 times in Paul's literature

(JA) Image - as in Phil. 2:6 image = ‘morphe'?

(FS) In Col. 1: 15-20 image = ‘eikon'; v. 5 the slaves.

(JA) What is the balance point between "kurios" and "doulos" (slave), servant. "Diakonos" = servant, no more differentiation between servant and slave? Polybius had freedom to move, but not to leave = "doulos."

(DR) Paul is a servant of Christ = slave. E.g. I Pet. 2:15 = "you are free but slaves of Christ." -In Christ. there are no slaves nor free at all. -Gal 3

(J.A) The household settings: the slaves maintained the household in the ancient world and also served as economists sometimes. The pyramid of the upper and the lower is a problem, I Pet. 2:18: the slaves are the model not the masters, the goal of the Christian life is to be a slave not a master.
(FS) Gal. 5:13f a call to freedom as brothers and sisters, slaves of one another.

(JD) In the parable of the father he forgives this son. Lk 15: the slaves. v. 25 & 27: servant is not "doulos," slave, a working servant

(JA) The context of the household needs responsibilities (Cf. Mk. 14: 34-37, the man that leaves his servants "douloi" in charge).

(JA) Onesimos left the economy of the household.

(JA) Christian life is sometimes depicted as a battle between the old and new life in Christ. - I Pet. the household code: a conflict situation in which one lives to serve the redemptive ends of God .. while there the goal of the Gospel is evidently that every one should be saved.

(JA) I Cor. there is a redemption ... we are in the conflict .. - I Cor. 5:11, note the sense of "me and them".

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