Lectionary Year B
March 2, 2003
2 Corinthians 4:3-6

Step II: Disposition

A. Genre

(CU) Genre: this epistle is a letter of reconciliation, Paul says keep on, don't loose heart. but I don't like this passage. Paul seems encouraging the Cor. (he has all this material written)

B. Personal Interaction

(JA) the "morphe" & "eikon" are together, referring to the believer, metamorphosis of the mind and of our lives in the glory of Christ. - Who you are ... potential Anti-semitism. "where ever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

(CU) Is this Gospel? I am offended by what's there. It is almost a predestinary view.

(JA) Who are the unbelievers? Is Paul talking about others or about ourselves? Is there some unbeliever in us? -The Jews were closed to new belief by adherence to the Law, so there was among them an element of unbelief in Jesus as the Christ -i.e. the complicity with the God of this world.

(FS) (v4) Does "God of this world" = God of this present age.

(GG) The concluding part: a series of genitives that modify one another, that are connected in a way that is confusing.

(DR) We as people in ordained "service" are slaves, we respond to a call, a vocation, we are bonded to this, I can't do something else.

(JA) All offices of the church are a divine call of the service to one another and to the Lord.

(CH). I have the feeling that some pastors see the call in the USA as a job.

(JD) As Deacons, we talk about ourselves as servants.

(JD) To whom is Paul asking this question ... what is your ministry? - With Christ. things are different, What is ministry? What is ministry to you? We are able to participate in our ministry. only through the power of God.

(CU) 2:15 There is a devised language.

(JA) Is this language rhetoric , form and function, With what warrant do we talk? How much is their apostolic consciousness? Is it a hard question? Paul is arguing for Christ.

(DR) Paul seems to be arrogant.

(GG) There is criticism to Paul, he is bold (strong) by letters but not so much in person. It is a parental concern, Paul founded this Church. in Cor. and is defending it from bad influences.

(JA) The question of truth in Paul. What is apostolic truth? Is there a question of truth in us related to the Gospel? What about the matter of unbelievers in us?

(GG) It is also a matter of power, authority.

(FS) This is a matter of life and death. Paul has been attacked.

(GG) Paul has to defend his apostolic authority.

(D) Paul's personal first hand experience: changed his life.

(GG) What is the purpose of evil in our world? It is a theodicy question.

C. Organization

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