Lectionary Year C
January 18, 1998
John 2:1-11

Step V: Hermeneutical Bridge

(GG) Step V - The Hermeneutical Bridge

The Mother Who Knows. Connection to Mother Church
A scripture that leads to the table
Celebration of family - the whole community is the family
The community context is important for family!
The common workers are the first to see and know!
Filling the water jars with 120 gal. of water + or - was no small task.
Carrying the water after drawing it from a well. They did their duty and were rewarded by being the first ones to see the miracle.
Do what you can do and God will do what God will do!
When you do the human thing faithfully, the divine thing will happen.
Prayer is the key to the kingdom, faith unlocks the door

Supplementary comment (BB): I appreciate Fred Craddock’s series on the Fourth Gospel . John is, as we know, quite different in its depiction of Jesus than the Synoptics. In John Jesus doesn’t work miracles out of compassion but as Signs. Aren’t the first twelve chapters called the Book of Signs? This text is not seen as a put down of his mother. It is Jesus’ waiting for the right time. Jesus is totally in charge. That, it seems to me, ought to be the focus when preaching on this text. Not water into wine stuff. We do that all the time. It takes us a bit longer. Ha. But preaching on this text ought to be focused on the supremacy of Jesus. One has to be careful and not turn it into Jesusolatry.)

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